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Tortilla de Harina Mexicana 15cm

Tortilla de Harina Mexicana 15cm

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In Mexico, the corn tortilla is not the absolute owner of the tacos. To the north, beyond what was once Mesoamerican territory, the flour tortilla is popular. 
Although today the consumption of flour tortillas in the north of the country is common, for centuries it was a luxury, a practice related to Europeans and the well-to-do classes.

Flour tortillas are prepared with wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, water and, according to the recipe, baking powder. The ingredients are mixed to form a homogeneous dough that is allowed to stand for 30 minutes and then divided into small balls. Then medium and large circles are formed and cooked on both sides, just like corn tortillas (yes, they also sponge pretty like these).

10 pieces per package

Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, baking powder, E282