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Premium Quality Tamarindo 100g

Premium Quality Tamarindo 100g

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Tamarind is native to India, its name comes from an Arabic word that means "date from India." It came to Mexico in colonial times through the Spanish.

Its cultivation did so well that it spread throughout the tropical areas of the country, especially on the Pacific side.

Since its arrival in Mexico, the use of tamarind has become a fundamental element of the gastronomy. Although in our country it is more common to consume tamarind in sweets mixing its pulp with sugar or salt and chili, it is also frequently used to prepare aguas frescas, sorbets, sauces or as a condiment.

In addition, it is used in various dishes of traditional cuisine, such as tamarind chicken or as a sweet and sour sauce that is used to season any type of meat, be it beef, pork or fish.

Ingredients: Tamarind