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What is piloncillo? It is prepared from the undistilled juice of the sugar cane, its process to obtain it consists of: collecting the cane, squeezing it, using the juice and putting it to boil until boiling, then it is entered in a stirrer to make it thick. At the end it is passed to wooden molds to achieve its particular shape.

Because it is a natural sweetener, many recipes use it as an ingredient in dishes, desserts, as a side or in traditional drinks. And the variety is very wide, in desserts, you can prepare delicious cocadas with brown sugar, cookies, amaranth alegrías, honey for buñuelos,  rice pudding and brown sugar, among others.

Speaking of drinks, the piloncillo atole is a tradition, it is also used to prepare piloncillo tea with cinnamon, atole, Christmas punch, cafe de olla and more. Its use within Mexican cuisine has always been to sweeten food with a natural touch, mole poblano is a great example of how piloncillo gives it personality and balances the flavor.

Ingredients: Cane sugar