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Pastor 400g

Pastor 400g

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400g Pastor ready to serve

Tacos al pastor are easily the most ordered tacos in the streets of Mexico. There is no doubt the unique taste of the thinly sliced, marinated pork will surprise your taste buds in a spectacular way.

Traditionally, the meat is arranged over a spit, called trompo, where it’s cooked to perfection. Then, the ‘’pastoreros’’ shave the meat off the trompo, directly into a warm tortilla. Tacos al pastor are usually served with onions and cilantro, complemented by pineapple and a spicy salsa. The pineapple is an important detail of the tacos al pastor. The divine combination of the tender seasoned meat and the sweetness of the pineapple will make this best seller hard to forget.

Pastor is typically served in a corn tortilla. In the north of Mexico you can find a dish called ‘’gringas’’, where the pastor is served in a flour tortilla combined with cheese.

Try our ready to serve pastor that we prepared, comparing various family recipes, taking the best from each and one of them, accomplishing a sensationally tasting experience for you.

Ingredients: pork (CH), achiote, chili mix, various spices, cinnamon, garlic, salt, pepper.