Frida's Salsa Verde Chile Jalapeño 350g

Frida's Salsa Verde Chile Jalapeño 350g

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The citrusy taste of our salsa verde combines perfectly with salty foods, like our Suadero taco filling. Tomatillos are a staple in Mexican cuisine, and were already an important part in the culture of the Mayas and Aztecs. So we obviously had to create a salsa to bring significant Mexican flavors right to your table. The well balanced flavors of the slightly tangy tomatillo and the subtle spiciness of the jalapeño chili will delightfully surprise your palate.

Ingredients: Tomatillo, Vegetable oil, Onion, Jalapeño chili, Garlic, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Potassium sorbate.


Suggestions to combine with:

• Totopos (Nacho chips)
• Beef
• Pork
• Grilled veggies
• Burgers
• Eggs
• Enchiladas