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Chorizo 250g

Chorizo 250g

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250g Chorizo ready to serve

Our Mexican chorizo is made of Swiss ground pork meat, marinated in a flavorful mix of typical herbs, spices and chilies. The chorizo has a nice kick to it, but isn’t spicy. Although, inspired by the Spanish or Portuguese chorizo, the one made in Mexico is not to be compared to those. Mexican chorizo has the same texture as ground meat. It is usually served with eggs, in tacos, complemented by some cheese, onions, cilantro, guacamole and a nice spicy salsa, or in a divine combination with some quality cheese as a so-called ‘’Choriqueso’’. The authentic, unique savory taste will not disappoint you. Try our delicious house special with our flour tortilla, and be prepared for a serious explosion of Mexico's typical flavors.

Ingredients: Pork (CH), chiles, vinegar various spices, salt, pepper.