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Carnitas 400g

Carnitas 400g

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400g Carnitas ready to serve

Carnitas are one of the most famous tacos in Mexico. Michoacán is considered the state where the carnitas were invented, but they have great fame in a lot of states of the country. Carnitas consist of small cuts or pieces of pork fried in its own lard. They are considered a favorite because of their great flavor and the softness of the meat.

To achieve the greatness of authentic carnitas, the meat is slowly cooked until an appropriate tenderness is reached. Then the heat is turned up and the outside of the pork begins to crisp, giving it a perfect texture.

The carnitas are served in a corn tortilla, topped with onions and cilantro. To spice things up you can either choose between a red or a green salsa. Don’t forget the lime. Time to enjoy some really great tacos.

Must be consumed immediately after receiving. Do not refreeze.

Ingredients: Pork (CH), orange juice, various spices, salt, pepper.