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Empanadas De Cajeta

Empanadas De Cajeta

Total Time       1H
Active Time     35 Min
Prep Time        25 Min
Portions          6


Are you looking for a dessert that makes you lick your fingers? The perfect solution for that is to prepare delicious empanadas de cajeta.



2 butter bars of 90gr

1 Philadelphia Bar

460gr flour

1 Cajeta Real Del Potosí Squeeze

150g nuts of your choice



  1. First, beat the butter with the Philadelphia cheese bar until they are incorporated.


  1. Subsequently, add the flour little by little until a dough forms.


  1. Now knead until all the mixture is a manageable dough.


  1. In a bowl, disrupt the nuts until they are in small pieces.


  1. Add the cajeta to the nuts, mix and reserve.


  1. Then, spread the dough until it is 1 / 2cm thick.


  1. Once the dough is extended, make circular cuts in it, and with the residue, knead again to make more.


  1. In the center of each circle, place a small amount of cajeta and nut stuffing, enough so that it can be doubled.


  1. Now, fold the them in half, and with your fingers or a fork, press around the edge to get it sealed properly. It is important to seal the edges of the empanada well, because if they are not well sealed, the filling can come out when frying the empanadas.


  1. Subsequently, heat oil in a deep pan over medium heat.


  1. Now, put an empanada in the oil, wait to see the surface cooked, bathe the empanada with oil, and when it has a golden color, remove it from the oil and dry it on an absorbent paper napkin.


  1. Repeat the procedure with each of the empanadas. Enjoy!

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