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Chiles Rellenos (With plantain, beans and cheese)

Chiles Rellenos (With plantain, beans and cheese)

Total Time       35 Min
Active Time     25 Min
Prep Time        10 Min
Portions          4

A Step by Step walkthrough on how to make authentic Chiles Rellenos!



4 poblano chiles

2 Cloves of garlic

¼ chopped white onion

1 cubed plantain

1 can of precooked black beans (Isadora Frijoles Negros Enteros)

1 cup of grated panela cheese

¼ Cup of chopped cilantro leaves


To prepare the sauce:

2 Tablespoons of canola oil

2 Cloves of garlic

2 bay leaves

¼ Cup of white wine

1 can of tomato puree (Use the ‚Del Fuerte Pure de Tomate con Chile Fresco‘ for a little extra heat)

Basil leaves chopped to taste



1. Toast the hot peppers until the skin changes color, put in a plastic bag and close it, leave for a couple of minutes until the chilies sweat and remove the skin.

2. In case of using tin chilies you save the whole procedure above. Sauté the garlic, chopped onion and cubed banana in the olive oil. Before they change color, add the beans, leave on the fire until heated, add the panela cheese, and sprinkle with the cilantro. Fill the chiles and preserve separately.



1. Chop and sauté the garlic, add the white wine and bay leaves. Let it reduce the wine to half and add the tomato puree. Let it boil and add the basil leaves. Remove from the heat and serve as a base for polenta and stuffed chiles.


To present the dish: Put sauce to taste on the plate, place the poblano chile relleno. Garnish with basil leaves and cilantro.

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